Der Einfluss der Corona-Pandemie auf Demokratie-Bewegungen


Jana Kehren
Pädagogische Mitarbeiterin STUBE Ost

Merseburger Straße 44, 06110 Halle
Telefon (0345) 12299-240

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20. bis 22. Mai 2022
in Halle

Much has changed since the Corona pandemic began more than two years ago. Not only in Germany and Europe, but around the world, the pandemic has had an impact on society and democratic movements. The impact of the global pandemic on the realities of our lives and our fundamental democratic values varies greatly. In this seminar we want to discuss our personal perspectives on these changes and get into dialogue about them.

While there is still a lack of enough vaccines in the Global South, elsewhere in the world people are already receiving their fourth vaccination. Some countries are celebrating their "Freedom" Day, while entire metropolitan areas are being sealed off for months at a time. Many people have reconnected and reorganized as a result of the pandemic to stand together in solidarity during the crisis. At the same time, hatred, violence and human rights abuses have risen significantly in recent years.

On Saturday we will organize a day workshop together with participants of the project "Democracy Wins!". The main focus of the seminar day will be the exchange between all participants and together we will explore the questions: What have the last two years of crisis done to us and the places where we live and have lived? Where do we find ourselves, what damage have we suffered? What opportunities have been created? Where has democracy been redesigned, where have we ourselves become shapers of democracy?

On the basis of different impulses and dialogue formats we want to learn from each other and exchange knowledge. What personal biographies are behind the crisis? How have you personally perceived the social developments of recent years?

On Sunday we want to take a look at the coming year and work together on topics that you want to work on in the seminars in 2023.

Participation fee: 15 Euro
Seminar language will be English and some inputs in German with translation

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