From Locking Up and Locking Away – Prisons, Human Rights and the Right to Freedom


Nora Schleicher
Pädagogische Mitarbeiterin STUBE Ost

Merseburger Straße 44, 06110 Halle
Telefon (0345) 12299-240

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­­­­­­25.-27. November in Weimar

The injustices and human rights violations within the framework of judicial and prison systems around the world are many and varied. Even though millions of people are deprived of their freedom in prisons around the world, hardly anyone talks about these circumstances. With this seminar, we want to help bring the issue into focus and raise awareness of the SDG 16. All people worldwide should have equal access to justice and universal human rights should not be restricted by judicial and penal systems.

During our seminar, we will approach the questions: what is punishment and why do prisons exist? How can human rights be well implemented in the prison system? What are prison conditions like in different countries and what are the historical dimensions? What systems of ideas underlie our understanding of guilt, punishment, and being "locked away behind walls"? And can one really "serve" a sentence and what happens afterwards? How can the rule of law be strengthened?

The seminar language will be English.
Participation fee: 15 Euros